Microdermabrasion At Home

Microdermabrasion is a cosmetic procedure that is used to remove the top layer of dry and dead skin cells. This procedure is not chemical and also non invasive that does not require the need to use any type of anesthesia. One session will take between twenty to thirty minutes and can cost anywhere between $50 to $200.

The majority of these treatments are performed at a dermatologist office or a day spa and is coupled with a type of facial or other type of spa treatment. People who require several treatments do not wish to spend thousands of dollars. That is why they will consider performing Microdermabrasion at home.

There are many different types of Microdermabrasion kits that are safe enough to use to treat acne, enlarged pores, textured skin, and coarse skin. Unlike spa treatments these can often times be done on a weekly basis. These kits will vary in price, intensity, and effectiveness.

These at home Microdermabrasion kits will often use crystals that are used in spa treatments. The crystals come in the form of creams – which are safer and easier for inexperienced hands to use. Some will allow you to spread the cream on with your bare hands or will come with a sponge or cloth that is soft enough to use it with.

Our consumer guide will help you to understand the advantages of using these at home Microdermabrasion kits. Also learn about the most common kits that you are able to purchase and the best way to use them. Now you can get rid of that horrible acne or improve your complexion in half the price and in the convenience of your home.